April 20, 2024

My neighbor in Goa gave me rough sex with Bhabhi! I became friends with her husband. Once he went out, he asked me to take care of his wife.

My name is Priyank. I am living in Jharkhand Goa.

Today I will tell you about the incident of rough sex with Bhabhi which happened to me just a few days ago.

Friends, I had come to Goa for a job.

Due to it being a religious area, people come from far and wide to perform all their religious journeys and works.

The room I had taken was in a neat neighborhood of residents.

On the other hand, in our building the rooms were divided according to the floor.

A wonderful firecracker Bhabhi lived in the room right next to my room.

She had beautiful big breasts and a slightly protruding ass.

Anyone’s mind would slip after seeing a Bhabhi with such a sexy figure.

She always spoke to me very lovingly.

I also used to joke sometimes.

Bhabhi’s husband’s work was such that he had to go out of the city.

Actually he used to go out in the morning and come back in the evening.

But sometimes he would go out even for two or three days.

Because of that, Bhabhi was left alone at home.

One day her husband had to go out for some work.

He was going to Mumbai for three days.

He told me- Priyank, you take care of your Bhabhi. I am going to Mumbai.

Saying this, brother went away.

After he left I went to my room.

In the evening Bhabhi came to me and said – Priyank, will you sleep in the room with me today, I am scared of being alone!

I also said yes.

I myself was thinking from within how to get my Bhabhi back.

After having dinner at night, we both lay down separately to sleep.

Then suddenly Bhabhi got scared and she got up and lay down near me.

Bhabhi said to me- If you don’t have any objection, should I lie down here? I am afraid to lie down alone.

I said- Yes, lie down.

After some time he fell asleep.

But there was sensation in my penis, my eyes were open.

When such a beautiful Bhabhi is lying next to him, then which idiot would be able to sleep?

My eyes were fixed on Bhabhi’s big breasts.

Her breasts were screaming and desperate to come out.

After about an hour, I placed my hand on Bhabhi’s blouse out of fear.

For some moments I kept trying to convince my mind that brother, there might be some argument.

Then when nothing happened from Bhabhi’s side, I paid attention to the buttons of her blouse.

It had snappy buttons.

When I tried to open a button by pulling it, it opened with a clicking sound.

Then I saw that the glow of the fair body of Bhabhi’s breasts started appearing.

Seeing my Bhabhi sleeping unconscious, I started moving forward.

I opened all the buttons one by one.

She was not even wearing a bra inside.

As soon as the buttons of the blouse were opened, I saw that both the breasts suddenly came near my mouth.

Bhabhi had amazing breasts!

I was scared of touching her naked breasts but was also enjoying looking at them.

I took out my tongue and started moving its tip on one of Bhabhi’s milk nipples.

When I touched the nipple for the first time, my penis got a shock.

I started wondering how the connection of the penis was set up. Sometimes he gets erect just by looking at it and right now he is getting horny just by touching it.

Within a few moments, my enthusiasm increased my courage and within no time, I took one of Bhabhi’s nipples completely in my mouth and started sucking it.

Ahh, it was really fun.

Fearfully, I placed one of my hands on Bhabhi’s ass and started pressing it.

I don’t know what kind of sleep Bhabhi was in that she was unable to realize anything.

She did not get up even after I did all this.

So my courage increased and I slowly started moving her saree upwards.

When I saw her fair legs, my lust came to the fore and started provoking me.

I started licking her naked legs with my tongue.

Just by licking like this, my tongue reached Bhabhi’s pussy.

Meanwhile, Bhabhi started twirling my hair in my sleep.

I understood that Bhabhi was starting to get excited.

As soon as I got her cooperation, I started licking faster.

Just then Bhabhi’s eyes opened and she jumped up and sat down.

She started speaking – Hey… what were you doing… weren’t you ashamed of doing this?

I said- Bhabhi, you were feeling good. You don’t lie!

She said- I felt in my sleep that he was your brother. I trusted you and you started doing such things!

I said – Bhabhi, now that this much has been done, let the rest be done. Anyway, you were feeling good, right?

She smiled and said – How long were you thinking of doing all this?

I said- I was crazy about you ever since I saw you for the first time.

Saying this, I started kissing Bhabhi’s lips and also started pressing her boobs.

Without any protest, Bhabhi started breathing heavily and one of her hands went straight to my penis.

Bhabhi said – You have kept it so tight, now show it to me too… When you have done all this, now come openly brother-in-law.

I also immediately got up, took off my jeans and freed my penis from the underwear.

Bhabhi took my thick penis in her hand and said – even your brother’s is not that big.

Bhabhi kissed the penis and took it in her mouth and started sucking it vigorously.

She kept sucking my penis continuously for 5-6 minutes.

In this very moment all my semen came out in her mouth.

While eating the juice of my penis, Bhabhi said – Brother-in-law, it tastes very nice. Now you also lick my pussy like this and drink my water. Otherwise I will tell your brother that you took advantage of me being with you.

I silently started sucking Bhabhi’s pussy.

Bhabhi started rubbing her pussy on my face in pleasure and started saying ‘Aahh Aahh Aahh…’.

Bhabhi was holding my head very tightly and did not leave me until she ejaculated.

After that, Bhabhi got up and became a mare herself and said – Now will you keep it standing or will you put it inside also?

I placed the penis on the pussy hole from behind and inserted it inside in one stroke.

Bhabhi screamed a little louder and moved forward.

But I firmly held Bhabhi’s waist and started giving fast thrusts.

Bhabhi started shouting – Ah, do it slowly… do it slowly, it is hurting.

I didn’t listen to him and kept pushing.

Within the first two minutes, my penis started hurting deep inside.

Bhabhi started writhing.

But I did not reduce the jerking and kept giving jerks continuously.

After some time, Bhabhi also got excited and said – Ah, more fast… more fast Priyank… more fast Pel!

I started thrusting in and out with full force and after 35 minutes I took my penis out.

By then I had cummed inside.

Bhabhi gasped and said – Just sleep now. You bastard, you turned my pussy into junk today. I ejaculated four times in one go… I have never been fucked so much before.

I said- Just told my love… the first round has just happened.

I sat on top of Bhabhi and put my penis in her mouth.

I asked Bhabhi to suck my penis.

Bhabhi started sucking the penis.

And after some time, as soon as the penis became erect… I immediately lifted her legs and in one stroke placed the penis on her ass hole and inserted it inside.

Bhabhi had no idea that I would insert my penis into her ass.

She started screaming due to pain in her ass.

The louder Bhabhi was screaming, the more forcefully I kept thrusting.

There was some blood coming from her ass, but I didn’t stop, I just kept on fucking.

After some time Bhabhi got relief.

She started having fun while moaning.

After some time, I ejaculated in Bhabhi’s ass.

Friends, throughout that night I kept doing the same thing repeatedly with my Bhabhi.

Sometimes he kept moving his penis in and out, sometimes in her ass, sometimes in her mouth and sometimes in her pussy.

Then when I was completely tired, I hugged her naked and fell asleep on my chest.

When Bhabhi woke up in the morning, she couldn’t bear it.

Groaning with pain, she started lifting me and said – Priyank, I am in a lot of pain and the fever has also increased. Please bring medicine. I can’t even walk.

Then as soon as I woke up, my penis was erect. Everyone remains standing in the morning.

Then I pulled Bhabhi towards me and started kissing her.

Bhabhi said – Not now, please bring the medicine first.

I said- I already have the medicine, Bhabhi.

Having said this, I made her naked again, bent her over and inserted my penis into her ass from behind.

Bhabhi groaned in pain and said – Please don’t do it there…take it further.

After saying this she started crying.

I also felt pity for him.

I took out the penis with 4-5 strokes and inserted it into the pussy.

The pussy also welcomed the cock.

I started fucking Bhabhi by jerking her hard.

After a while, when I felt that I was about to orgasm, I took out my penis and came straight towards her mouth.

I put my penis in her mouth and growled and said – Suck my whore… from today you are my whore. From now on you will suck my penis like this every day.

Bhabhi agreed and drank all the fluid from the penis while sucking it.

Friends, this is the first stop of my sex story.

I will bring such exciting stories in future also. So see you in the next sex story.

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