April 20, 2024

Are you bored with your boring sex life? And if you want to try something new then you have come to the right place. Because you may also be feeling bored by having sex in the same position continuously.

That is why let us tell you that there are many positions for having sex through which this experience can be made even better. Today we will tell you about some such sex positions, each of which has its own distinct pleasure. These sex positions will not only add a touch of hotness and romance to your sex life, but through these best positions of Kama Sutra, you will also bring a newness in your sex life.

(Missionary Sex Position) (Benefits Of Missionary Sex Position) (69 (Sex Position 69) (Benefits Of Sex Position 69) (Face To Face Position) (Benefits Of Face To Face Sex Position) (Doggy Style Sex Position) (Benefits Of Doggy Style Position) (Spooning Sex Position) (Benefits of Spooning Sex Positions) (Criss Cross Sex Position) (Benefits Of Criss Cross Sex Position) (Standing Sex Position) Benefits of standing sex position (Folded Deck Position) (Benefits Of Folded Deck Position) (Cowgirl Sex Position) (Benefits Of Cowgirl Sex Position)

Missionary Sex Position

Missionary sex position is quite common, which is liked by both men and women. In missionary position, the man is on top and the woman is beneath the man. In this position, the woman lies down on her back and the male partner sits on his knees over her. To make sex easier, the male partner should rest the woman’s legs on his shoulders. The best thing about this position is that both are face to face and can feel each other’s expressions. Looking into each other’s eyes, they reach climax together. In this process, the penis slowly enters the vagina and sexual intercourse takes place.

Benefits Of Missionary Sex Position

  • In this position both the partners are facing each other. Therefore, sex is done after seeing each other’s feelings and expressions.
  • In this position, women use their hips or butt very well. For this, she keeps a pillow under the butt, which makes sex easier and increases excitement.
  • In this position there is skin to skin touch which also creates a mood of foreplay.
  • This sex position is quite comfortable for a woman. Therefore, one gets full support from the woman and reaching orgasm and getting satisfaction is almost certain.
  • During this position, talking is done only through the eyes so that one partner conveys his/her comfort to the other.
  • Couples who have a height difference can get better penetration in this position.

Sex Position 69

At the same time, both partners enjoy orgasm together in this position. This is the reason why this is the top position in Kama Sutra. In this, the woman’s head is on the man’s private part and the man’s head is on the woman’s private part. Since the letter 6 becomes 9 when it is turned over, this position is called 69. Well, this sex position comes under oral sex.

Benefits Of Sex Position 69

  • The special thing about this sex position is that it is your choice whether you have intercourse or not because in this both the partners enjoy each other’s private parts through oral sex. This is the reason why gays and lesbians also do this position.
  • In position 69, the partner can also be stimulated by using hands along with the mouth.
  • The way this position begins is called foreplay. Therefore couples are saved from the effort of foreplay.
  • For good pleasure, take special care of body cleanliness in this sex position.
  • The secret of this position is to do it comfortably and while enjoying.
  • In this position there is no pressure on either partner and both can do it easily.

Face To Face Position

Many times men get very tired during sex and that is why they pay less attention towards satisfying their female partners. But in this position both get equal satisfaction. You can do this sitting, lying down, standing or even sitting on your knees. It is important that both the partners have sex facing each other.

Benefits Of Face To Face Sex Position

  • While doing this position, both of their faces are facing each other, hence both note each other’s expressions and try to mimic the way the partner is experiencing pleasure.
  • Both partners enjoy this position completely and have equal orgasms.
  • In this position both are face to face, hence both get equal opportunity to do foreplay.
  • In this position both can see and understand each other’s sexual reactions.
  • Long stocks can be easily installed in face to face position.

Doggy Style Sex Position

Doggy position is very comfortable and women do not get tired while doing it. This sex position should be done very comfortably and with patience, only then will you be able to truly enjoy it. In this situation the male partner easily reaches the vagina. In this situation the G spot gets easily stimulated. In this position, the woman bends on her knees and the male partner, standing on his knees, inserts the penis into the woman’s vagina.

Benefits Of Doggy Style Position

  • In this style, the penis directly touches the G spot, which provides more pleasure.
  • In this situation you have complete control over yourself and your partner.
  • In this position, you can have sex not only on the bed but also at any place like table, sofa, bathroom or anywhere else.
  • This style is also known as special bathroom sex and is enjoyed while standing under the shower.
  • Having sex while looking in the mirror in this position brings a new thrill.
  • In this position you are not above or below each other, hence there is no need to bear each other’s weight, hence you feel very light while doing this.
  • This position is also considered good for oral sex.

Spooning Sex Position

In this sex position, both the partners come very close to each other. In this, despite not having eye contact, one can understand and feel each other, this gives more pleasure. In this position, both the partners lie so close to each other that they look like spoons. In this position, both the partners lie facing the same side. That is, in this the woman lies on her side and the male partner bends his knees while lying on his side and lies behind the woman in such a way that he penetrates from behind.

Benefits of Spooning Sex Positions

  • This sex position is considered very good for emotional connection. Because in this both the partners hug each other very lovingly from behind.
  • In this position, the man is behind the woman and tries to excite her by caressing her lovingly.
  • This sex position is considered safe even during pregnancy.
  • Having sex in this position does not cause pain to the woman.
  • If you don’t feel like getting up or are lazy to move up and down, then this position is best for you because it can be done lying down.
  • This is considered to be the best sex position to reach the peak of sex and enjoy orgasm.
  • In this position, the male partner can easily reach the clitoris region of the female partner.

Criss Cross Sex Position

Having sex in this position does not put much strain on the body. In this sex position, the female partner is at the bottom and the man passes between the woman’s legs and makes a scissor-like shape. That is, the male partner sits cross-legged and the woman sits in the man’s lap, wrapping her arms and legs around him.

This sex position is especially done when you are out somewhere, bedroom is not available and want to enjoy sex while wearing clothes. In this, while having sex, both the partners stand exactly in front of each other and have sex. There is another position for standing sex in which the female partner sits almost on the man’s lap, holding the male partner’s shoulders with both hands and crosses her legs around the male partner’s waist.

Benefits Of Criss Cross Sex Position

  • This position is quite comfortable because in this the male partner holds the female partner close to the wall, which makes sex easier.
  • In this position the female partner experiences a different sex.
  • In this position, the woman’s G spot can be completely touched, which increases sexual excitement.
  • This position is also suitable for oral sex.
  • In this position, the woman’s legs rest against the wall, due to which it becomes easier for the male partner to push.
  • In this position the entire weight of the woman falls on the male partner. Therefore, if the woman wishes, she can sit on a table at the back so that this activity is not tiring and she can enjoy it completely.

Folded Deck Position

This position is for those people who do not take sex as a daily routine but enjoy it completely and their aim is to satisfy their partner completely in bed. In this position, the man is on top of the woman and he places the woman’s lower part and legs on his shoulders, opens her legs and starts sex. In this, the man lifts his knees and legs a little and some of the weight of his chest and body falls on the woman.

Benefits Of Folded Deck Position

  • This position allows deep penetration which enhances orgasm.
  • In this position the sexual power of the male partner is fully revealed. This is the position through which he can completely make his female partner his fan during sex.
  • In this position, even though the man has complete command, still the woman likes this position because through it she herself enjoys the pleasure with her partner.
  • If both the partners are overweight then you can do it easily.
  • This sex position is not done hastily but it takes at least 10 minutes. If this position is done taking full time then both the partners are completely satisfied in it.

Cowgirl Sex Position

Women like this position very much. As its name suggests, Cowgirl means that the woman has all the control in it and she decides how fast she makes the penis enter the vagina. In cowgirl sex position, the man lies on his back and the woman lies on top of her male partner. But she faces the opposite side and supports herself by holding the man’s knees. In this position, the male partner likes the woman’s back more than her breasts.

Benefits Of Cowgirl Sex Position

  • If the weight of the male partner is more then this position is best for women.
  • In this position, women easily excite their male partners through foreplay.
  • In this sex position, the lower abs, pelvic muscles and leg muscles of the body get strengthened.
  • In this sex position, women have to work very hard, hence they can burn up to 200 calories and men can burn 40-50 calories.

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