April 20, 2024

Building relationships is a natural process. However, the expectations or fantasies people have about it vary. But everyone’s objective is the same, which is to satisfy themselves and their partner.

All those examples from movies, from actors who are hot smoking to having great sex, can be true for you in real life too! Believe it or not, but if you want to be the best in sex, then it can be possible. Sex is a great way to feel connected to your partner and make him/her feel good. Besides, it is also a better way to develop your fantasy and skills. Here are some tips through which you can improve your sexual life by developing your sex skills. By trying these methods your partner will also be happy. For better sexual pleasures appoint top class escorts in Goa

Best dark chocolate for sex

It is said that dark chocolate increases the levels of serotonin in the body, i.e. the mood-boosting hormone. It reduces stress levels and boosts hard work. Therefore, it is believed that eating dark chocolate with your partner before sex can be very good.

Men like to see women in these clothes in bed

Try Morning sex

Morning time is arguably one of the best times to have sex. When the morning sunlight falls on the bodies of both, it can make people warm and sensual. This is also the time when both of you are feeling very energetic and excited. With this your sexual life can grow.

More sex

In today’s time, people greatly underrate phone sex. Although this is not the case, when you start having sex with your partner over phone or text, sex will be equally exciting. You can enjoy sex by talking sensually on the phone with your partner. Also, having more sex on the phone can become a good means.

Go slow

Do not hurry at all during sex with your partner. This is a task which is done more slowly and with love, the better it is. During this time, both of you should give each other full time and try to love every part of the body. This will give satisfaction to both of you in sex.

Try new sex positions

Repeatedly doing the same sex position with your partner can lead to a feeling of boredom in sex. Therefore, you can try new sex positions to have sex. This will increase the excitement of having sex in both of you, and you will also feel good. During this period, do not try to experiment too much or do hard work while having sex. To have sex, try to have a better position with full flexibility. This will make you and your partner feel very fresh.

Women should not make these mistakes during sex, men do not like them at all

Watch Porn together

Start watching porn with your partner. This could be a much better idea. Even though both of you may feel a little hesitant in watching it together. But this will strengthen your sexual life. By watching porn, you will learn openly about your sexual desires. Besides, you will also be able to share your feelings during sex. With this you can also fulfill each other’s fantasy.

Don’t be shy during sex, do this dirty talk openly; Pleasure will increase

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